People heellllppppp what are some fun websites?

Answer There are many websites out there to browse and look at, some of my favourites are listed below:Fail blog wanted to laugh at the misfortune of others ? Then this is a site f... Read More »

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Can anyone give me some links for some websites i can trust, to buy iPods?

iF You would like a original and a brand NEW iPods, then I would suggest the following:,Hope ... Read More »

Why do some people not flush away toilet paper after using Why do some people put it in the trash instead?

It depends on the design of your toilet and whether or not you're on a sewer or a septic tank, but some places you can't flush the paper. I'm in Guatemala right now and you can't flush the paper an... Read More »

What are some interesting websites?

I'm not kidding here:Google "I am bored", and see where it takes you.

What are some interesting and fun websites?

Check out youtube channel vsauce and the series called dong :)