People go on about 'Yank' food - But what is it?

Answer American cuisine is a mixture of German, English, Irish, Mexican, French and all the other countries on the planet. American cuisine changes depending on the part of America you are in. There is ... Read More »

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Simple/random food question What food you had for Breakfast that most people wouldn't think of having ->?

Hi (((Scooter))) :) That's not too bad for breakfast, lol.Once I had pepperoni for breakfast. Let me think . . . . *tapping on my laptop* . . .I have had an eggroll for breakfast before. That was p... Read More »

Name a food people eat right out of the box?

ITS cereal love, and you win a oreo sundae from Burger King

Why do people eat food?

We need food to survive or we would die. It also tastes good.

HELP! How much food should I buy for 150 people?

I'm not sure on what you mean by how much food you should buy. But I was thinking a good amount for each item. Pulled pork I'm thinking 8-10 pork shoulders (I'm not sure what cut of pork you use). ... Read More »