People, gimme your opinion on MALE nurses.?

Answer I'm a nurse(female nurse, don't judge by the pic, my husband and I share an account) and I think male nurses really make for a more balanced working environment. Male and female personalities comp... Read More »

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To the nurses: what is your opinion on the flu shot?

I think it's supposed to stop you from getting the flu, but that's just my opinion.

People over 30 on myspace. Your opinion?

MySpace is completely appropriate for people over 30. There are teens on there who have their parents on their top ten. I think that's pretty awesome. It's a good way for them to keep an eye on the... Read More »

Can male nurses work with female patients?

Just as female nurses can work with male patients, there is nothing barring male nurses from working with female patients. It is within a patient's rights, regardless of gender, to request a nurse ... Read More »

In your opinion who are the top 20 most important people in the film industry?

These might not be in a specific order, considering the fact that deciding importance is opinion based:1. William K.L. Dickson2. Thomas Edison3. Alfred Hitchcock4. Walt Disney5. Edwin Porter6. The ... Read More »