People finding out about my Beauty YouTube channel!!!!?

Answer I see why you'd feel that way, it's perfectly understandable! But I think if you want to do it you should. Just be yourself and then what will they have to mock about! Just say so what if they do! :)

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Should I make a YouTube Beauty Channel?

As hard as it is in life to make decisions, you have to take control. I'm sure that making a beauty channel would be a lot of fun! =) Youtube takes a lot of guts and hard work to be successful, but... Read More »

What is a good username for a beauty channel on Youtube?

how about sister to sister or sissy beauty

Poll: Is JessicaGlitters22 a good username for a YouTube beauty channel?

Yes it sounds like a great name! Even though it does sound a bit like "allthatglitters21" but I'm gonna subscribe to you when you put it up! If you haven't already(: but is your name jasmine or Jes... Read More »

Can I make a youtube channel for 2 people to use?

Yes you can share your YouTube account with whoever you choose. For two people, consider becoming YouTube partners, so that (at the least) be able to earn money from the ads that are on your channe... Read More »