People finding out about my Beauty YouTube channel!!!!?

Answer I see why you'd feel that way, it's perfectly understandable! But I think if you want to do it you should. Just be yourself and then what will they have to mock about! Just say so what if they do! :)

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Should I make a YouTube Beauty Channel?

As hard as it is in life to make decisions, you have to take control. I'm sure that making a beauty channel would be a lot of fun! =) Youtube takes a lot of guts and hard work to be successful, but... Read More »

What is a good username for a beauty channel on Youtube?

how about sister to sister or sissy beauty

Poll: Is JessicaGlitters22 a good username for a YouTube beauty channel?

Yes it sounds like a great name! Even though it does sound a bit like "allthatglitters21" but I'm gonna subscribe to you when you put it up! If you haven't already(: but is your name jasmine or Jes... Read More »

How can i get people to subscribe to my youtube channel?

Here's a step-guide I just made for ya:1. Videos -- Your videos have to be what people want, or otherwise who will be watching? There are several clique's on YouTube, if you will, which all make vi... Read More »