People can talk smack on Facebook and twitter but cant say it to your face?

Answer yeah people think its better because 1. they're kind of "hidden" from the other person because they arent saying it directly to them and 2. they can take as long as they want to think of what to sa... Read More »

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How to Smack Talk to People on Call of Duty 4 Online?

If people are swearing at you, and you want to get them back without further cursing, then read this!

How do I go about friending my boss on Facebook (should I talk to him about it face to face first)?

That sounds inappropriate. Keep your personal and professional lives seperate. Unless you want to take that path.

Why do people like Facebook and Twitter?

Does it really matter?I don't listen to the country station often, because I really am not that into country.I don't watch nickelodeon often, because I am not into teen shows.We live in a world wit... Read More »

Can we know about People's Psychology by Twitter of Facebook?

Yes of course!We do know about their psychology by visiting information on their profiles and their updated status. For example, If a person uses the words such as "Kill" or "Dead" repeatedly, He m... Read More »