Pentecostal Bible Correspondence Colleges?

Answer Like many Christian denominations, the Pentecostal churches run their own colleges. Online and correspondence courses are becoming more prevalent, allowing missionaries in other countries to train ... Read More »

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Free Bible Correspondence Colleges?

According to the Church of Christ Network, the Bible can be read in about 70 hours. Few people, however, are able to read it in its entirety and understand it fully. Learning to more fully unders... Read More »

Correspondence Bible Colleges in the Caribbean?

Correspondence Bible colleges in the Caribbean offer biblical education to those not able to attend traditional classroom Bible instruction. Courses vary but typically offer instruction in understa... Read More »

Pentecostal Apostolic Bible Degrees?

Pentecostalism is a unique branch of Protestant Christianity made up of many separate denominations, including the Apostolic denomination. Apostolic Pentecostals are sometimes known as "Oneness Pen... Read More »

Apostolic Pentecostal Colleges?

Apostolic Pentecostalism is a denomination of churches that is conservative in its approach to Biblical doctrine and lifestyle. If you are a student wishing to receive training in theology and mini... Read More »