Pentax K200D Specifications?

Answer Introduced in 2008, the Pentax K200D is a DSLR camera. It offers the benefits of digital photography, such as instant image review, while featuring professional technology, such as interchangeable ... Read More »

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Is A3000 Pentax Lens Compatible with a K200D camera?

All Pentax DSLRs are compatible with all K-mount Pentax lenses, which is to say all of them back to the 1970s or thereabouts. I routinely use a f1.2 50mm lens from a K1000 on my K10D.The A3000 had... Read More »

Are there compelling reaons to select between a Nikon D40 Canon 400D Pentax k200D with standard and tele zoom lenses?

Nikon was founded 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō. It was renamed after it's camera range and is now owned by Mitsubushi.

Which camera to buy Nikon d80 with 18-135mm lens. Or Pentax k200d with 15mm-55 lens (II)?

First, don't be misled by the supposed vast availability of Nikon lenses and their compatibility with various bodies. Pentax, just like Nikon, still uses the same lens mount they used over 30 years... Read More »

Pentax 67 II Specifications?

The Pentax 67 II is a traditional single-reflex camera. Since most photographers today are accustomed to digital cameras, they may find using a film camera has a steep learning curve. Fortunately, ... Read More »