Pentax K-x or Nikon D5000 which should i buy?

Answer The Pentax K-x won the best travel gadget of 2009 in Times Magazine and won the best beginner DSLR of 2009 in Times UK.The Pentax K-x contains a APS-C sensor with high ISO image quality that rivals... Read More »

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I have a Nikon D5000 with F mount, is there ANY lens adaptors so I can use old Canon and Pentax Lenses?

This article should answer your question:…Ask your mom if you can sell her old lenses and use the money to buy Nikon lenses.

Which Nikon SLR should i get. I have had my D5000 for about a year now and I was looking for a more technical camera such as the D90. Any suggestions?

Which one is better Nikon D3000 or Nikon D5000?

I agree. I have a d5000 and my close friend has a d3000. They're both great cameras capable of beautiful images, yet the d5000 has seemed so show more depth and just a bit sharper of images. It dep... Read More »

Which is better camera a nikon d7000 or a pentax k-5?

For the Nikon DX Nikkor 18-55 mm (the one that comes with the D3100) the UV filter is installed immediately after installing the lens itself. Being outside the lens, it will protect the lens as wel... Read More »