Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Questions?

Answer According to the United States Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics), almost 10 percent of Americans were unemployed as of September 2010. As of August 2010, the bureau reports that seve... Read More »

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Can You Resign & Still Collect Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation?

Most people on unemployment were laid off from their job or otherwise terminated form employment for reasons beyond their control. In limited circumstances, however, workers may qualify for unemplo... Read More »

Is unemployment compensation taxable on Pennsylvania income taxes?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, unemployment is only taxed on a federal level and not on the state level. It furthers says that Public Law 111-5 makes only amounts over the firs... Read More »

How to Extend Unemployment Compensation?

Most states will allow for unemployment benefits to be received for up to 26 weeks, but it may take some people longer to locate a job before their benefits expire. For those who qualify, some stat... Read More »

How to Find My Unemployment Compensation From Work?

Unemployment insurance is a federal program administered via individual state agencies. It is meant to give you money enough to pay for basic living expenses while you actively search for work. Eac... Read More »