Pennsylvania Primary Custodian Guidelines?

Answer In Pennsylvania, the primary custodian of a child is said to have primary physical custody of the child. Custody rights also can be shared as Pennsylvania allows for partial physical custody, share... Read More »

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If you are the primary custodian of joint custody and live in Kentucky what would you have to do to be able to move out of state?

Answer Nothing. In Kentucky the primary custodian can move the children without the other parent's permission. (at least that was the law in 2000 when I moved out of Kentucky with my kids). My atto... Read More »

What are the civil or criminal legal options available if an ex who is the primary custodian has sent fraudulent receipts requesting reimbursement for medical expenses for our child in Texas.?

no No, its not right. You should take that fact to a local judge and request court ordered visitation. Answer It is only right if he poses a threat to either the mother or children. If the mother... Read More »

GED Guidelines in Pennsylvania?

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Pennsylvania FHA Inspection Guidelines?

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