Pennsylvania Police Firearms Range Training Policy & Procedures?

Answer Over 1600 men and women serve in the Pennsylvania Police Department in various roles, such as state troopers, cadets or liquor enforcement officers. The Lethal Weapons Training Act outlines the pro... Read More »

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Pennsylvania DUI Police Procedures?

In Pennsylvania you may be found guilty of driving under the influence (DUI) if law enforcement shows that you have either consumed enough alcohol or drugs to impair your ability to operate a motor... Read More »

Pennsylvania Police Procedures for Giving a Traffic Citation?

In every state, there is a specific procedure that allows for what an officer can and cannot do while giving a traffic citation. Pennsylvania laws are very specific. If you have any questions conce... Read More »

Police Officer Training in Pennsylvania?

Careers in law enforcement promise an exciting and challenging work environment; moreover, they offer several opportunities for career advancement. It's an ideal job for those who want to serve the... Read More »

Is it illegal to have a police baton if you are not a police officer in Pennsylvania?

The answer is uncertain. Pennsylvania statue 18 Pa.-908 does not specifically state a police baton is illegal. The statute does refer to the short baton-like blackjack as being an offensive weapon.... Read More »