Penn Foster College Early Childhood ed Program?

Answer You need an Associates in Child Deveopment, or Early Childhood Education. As long as th college offers these degrees, you will be fine. Talk to an advisor to be sure this college will meed your needs.

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Where is Penn Foster College located?

Penn Foster College is an online community college, making it available to students across the world. However, the administrative offices for the college are found in Scottsdale, Arizona.Penn Foste... Read More »

How to Calculate GPA for Penn Foster College?

The one leveling number when discussing your achievement in school, whether it is college or high school, is your grade point average (GPA). A numeric representation describing how well you perform... Read More »

Does Penn Foster College allow FAFSA?

Call the college and ask them what their code is. I can't imagine a college not being part of the FAFSA system unless it's unaccredited or religious and doesn't accept federal funds. Their website ... Read More »

Early Childhood Program Standards?

According to the Iowa Department of Education, implementing standards for early childhood programs helps to ensure that learning experiences are based on research and help produce positive outcomes... Read More »