Penguin Writing Activities?

Answer The beauty of writing assignments is that you can instruct students to write on nearly any topic. Students can perfect writing skills when learning about animals, including penguins. While teaching... Read More »

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Penguin Activities for Kindergarten?

In kindergarten, when children are learning about animals, they are often introduced to penguins. At the kindergarten lesson, children are not yet ready for activities such as labeling, but there a... Read More »

Activities for the Book "Tacky the Penguin"?

In the books of children's author Helen Lester, a bumbling penguin named Tacky acts just a little bit different from his fellow penguins. Tacky's differences are what end up saving him and his frie... Read More »

Pre-Writing Activities?

Pre-writing is a writing technique designed to help you generate and refine topics to write about before you begin your essay or story. When stumped about what to write about or what to say on a pa... Read More »

Fun Writing Activities?

Writing is an activity that relies on language use, organized thought, careful planning and creative inspiration. Pick writing exercises that test your literary skills and stimulate your creativity... Read More »