Pen ink on white MacBook?

Answer nail polish remover or windex. As long as the ink is on the casing it should be fine.

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White screen on Macbook Pro!?

White lcd screen means that the back light is getting power but no image is being fed to the lcd from the video card. The problem is either a bad video cable or your video card is going bad.

Should I get a white or black macbook ?

I agree with you. I think that you should get a black one because it is so cool and I don't know anyone who has one! The white does make it look more apple but I think for the long run you will lik... Read More »

How to install RAM on Your White MacBook?

Today, more computers are using greater amounts of RAM. Apple computers, including MacBooks, are no different. Your RAM, or your computer's memory, affects how quickly it will respond to your acti... Read More »

How do I keep my white MacBook clean?

Unless you are really soaking the magic erasers and using them every day, you should be fine. I clean mine about once a month. I moisten the edge of a magic eraser and rub gently. A cotton swab ... Read More »