Pell Grant overpayment. please read the whole thing?

Answer -__- While we good hard working people like yourself work their asses off for what nothing, for making barely any money, for free almost basically. :*( All these damn celebrity and sports star's ar... Read More »

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I have a pell grant overpayment but i dont think this is correct?

$900 for a 1 unit class?Here in California a 3 unit class is $118I just wouldn't pay and petition to the dead to try and resolve the problem. If you did it I would also try to contact your teacher.... Read More »

I have $12,000 out from a student loan from a bank! If I get the pell grant or any thing from FAFSA...?

Let's not label every private education loan lender as an agent of evil. *grin* Many of them in the business provide a necessary vehicle for college students to be able to afford to attend colleg... Read More »

When should I get a pell grant?

You need to educate yourself in the way financial aid works, first of all. I'm adding a link you need to read. For some reason, Univ of Phoenix students arent well versed in this. You don't quali... Read More »

What does Pell Grant mean?

Named for Sen. Clairborne de Borda Pell (D-RI), the Federal Pell Grant Program provides financial aid for undergraduate students working toward their first baccalaureate degree or first professiona... Read More »