Pell Grant Question(will I be able to miss a semester)?

Answer You get awarded a Pell grant for you and your family being poor. If you quit school to go to work, then when you DO decide to go back to school.... you will have earned money. Obviously more than... Read More »

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Is a Pell grant amount for a year or a semester?

Each Pell grant award is for a one-year period. However, students must have award funds allocated to them at least once per term or twice in an academic year. It is also possible to receive two con... Read More »

I payed for the semester out of pocket and received a pell grant, do I get my money back?

The pell grant should be given to you if you have no remaining fees on your account. They should give it to you in a check, or via a college card that some schools give out for remaining aid.For ex... Read More »

If I attend two universities, will I be able to receive a pell grant for both if I am qualified?

You can not receive financial aid from more than one school in a semester. However, in some situations the schools themselves have worked out deals to credit you with hours taken at other colleges... Read More »

EFC Pell Grant?

First of all "financial aid" can can include more than the Pell grant. Student loans are also financial aid and anyone can get them regardless of income.Also, 21K for a single person is really not... Read More »