Pekingese Haircut Styles?

Answer The Pekingese is a sturdy little dog known for his flat face, short legs, and soft coat. He is a lovable, attention-seeking pet, but is often suspicious of strangers, which makes for an excellent w... Read More »

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Haircut Styles With a Rat Tail at the Top?

During the '80s and the '90s, many alternative hairstyles became popular in certain subcultures. Among them was the rat tail hairstyle. By definition, a rat tail haircut requires the rat tail to be... Read More »

1950s Haircut Styles?

During the 1950s, haircuts identified typical gender roles of the era. While haircut styles for women were short and feminine, haircut styles for men were sleek and masculine. Styles were classic a... Read More »

Boy's Haircut Styles in 2010?

2010 was the year of Justin Beiber, "Twilight" and teen bands. Boys weren't boxed into only short hair styles like years past. In 2010, boys could get away with a variety of lengths and styles to m... Read More »

Teenage Guy Haircut Styles?

Teenage years encompass a time of growth and discovery. During this time, teenage guys express themselves by experimenting with different hairstyles. When it comes to hair, teenage guys want a low-... Read More »