Peerless Purefire PF-210 Specifications?

Answer The Peerless Boilers company designs and manufactures a full line of residential and commercial boilers, indirect-fired water heaters and modular heating systems, including the Peerless Purefire se... Read More »

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Who makes Peerless tires?

The Bridgestone Corporation manufactures the Peerless brand of tires. The company applied for a trademark on the Peerless brand name on October 12, 1929, through its subsidiary, Bridgestone-Firesto... Read More »

How to Clean a Peerless Oil Burner?

Regular maintenance of your Peerless oil burner will not only help it to last longer, but it will also help it to run more efficiently, saving you money during the winter months. To keep your Peerl... Read More »

How to Repair a Peerless Toilet Tank?

Peerless toilets are easy for anyone to repair. The most common problem with Peerless toilets is water continually running from the tank into the bowl. If you notice this with your toilet, the flap... Read More »

Peerless boiler has low hot water pressure?

If its 1 that's on your wall then there should be a little black tap underneith if u turn this slightly till u can hear watter comeing through. Keep this open till the dial on fron of the heater th... Read More »