Peer Influences on Motivation in the Classroom?

Answer Trying to encourage student motivation is one of the more challenging aspects of teaching, as students come from a wide range of home situations and desire to learn. While a student's motivation to... Read More »

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Peer to Peer Relationships in the Classroom?

The focus of school tends to be on its academic value. However, children benefit socially from peer-to-peer interactions that occur in the classroom. Children learn social cues and how to react app... Read More »

Cultural Influences in Classroom Management?

Public schools in the United States were originally designed on a model from industry, and industry had adopted its model from warfare and the military. Uniformity, conformity and discipline were t... Read More »

Gender Influences in Classroom Interaction?

Much research has been conducted trying to uncover the influence that gender has on classroom interaction. Being aware of the general differences between the way male and female students interact c... Read More »

About Motivation in the Classroom?

Motivation in the classroom is one of the major keys to both teacher and student success. A teacher's ability to motivate his students helps determining whether or not he is a good teacher, and st... Read More »