Peeling onions and chopping them really hurt my eyes,what can i do to stop this.?

Answer Wear glasses or light sunglasses. Or chop them underwater*- yes, it is possible.*that's the onions underwater, not you!

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How do u stop ur eyes watering when chopping onions?

How do you stop yourself crying when chopping onions?

i find running the onion under a cold tap before chopping helps!

I cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?

Keep one bandiad on the cut at all times. If the blood keeps seeping threw, leave it on, and put bandaids over top. You are trying to make a blood clot for the blood to stop seeping. If you keep re... Read More »

Do you really think people would stop smoking because you told them its bad for them?

no i do not, that's why i don't tell people that. i just lost my level four account because the same people who come on and say how evil smoking is reported me for actually answering the questions!