Peeling ,cubing ,and cooking potatoes in advance?

Answer you can peel and cube your potatoes for the salad 4 days before without a problem. What you need to do is, make sure you wash them thoroughly and keep them in water. You will need to change the wat... Read More »

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How to Blanch Red Potatoes for Peeling?

Blanching red potatoes not only helps to eliminate bacteria, but it also helps to loosen the skin to make it easier to peel them. When you blanch red potatoes, it will also keep them from turning b... Read More »

Can you freeze your mashed potatoes in advance?

One way to creating stress-free and quick dinners is preparing and freezing mashed potatoes in advance. You can do this by freezing individual scoops of seasoned and mashed spuds and then storing t... Read More »

Cooking rhubarb and apples in advance?

It's good to cook the fruit in advance, may I suggest adding orange- some zest and juice- to the mix, and a little cinnamon either with the fruit or in the crumble mix. Sounds gorgeous!

If you put something in the microwave that needs cooking for 7 minutes, but add some potatoes, do you....?

Microwaves work differently than conventional ovens. The amount of time in a microwave is highly dependent upon the amount of food in there. So you would have to add more ime.