Peach Tree Insects in Virginia?

Answer Many different kinds of insects feed on peach trees in Virginia. Infestations damage all parts of the tree and reduce the fruit yield. Control insect populations by spraying with an appropriate pes... Read More »

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What should peach trees be sprayed with to prevent insects?

More than 20 insects, diseases and mites target the peach tree. To limit damage to fruit, spray peach trees with insecticides containing Malathion, Phosmet, Methoxychlor or insecticidal soap. Wait ... Read More »

How to Identify Winged Insects in Virginia?

Insects are some of the most diverse creatures in the animal kingdom. There are more than 900,000 known species of insects in the world and many more have yet to be discovered. They can be found ev... Read More »

What is a peach tree?

Peach trees originated in China and are related to other trees that produce fruit with hard seeds or stones in the center, such as plum trees, nectarine trees and apricot trees.VarietiesVarieties o... Read More »

What should I do for my peach tree?

Good Evening Shanda K.I hope you had a great day. Your question was not very informative. I took it upon my own to view your profile. I see you live in Pearland, Texas, a low temperature of 72.Some... Read More »