Peaceful Uses of Atomic & Nuclear Energy?

Answer Nuclear or atomic power is the energy released as an atom is split apart, a process known as nuclear fission. A sustained fission reaction creates large amounts of heat, which is used to generate ... Read More »

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Uses of Nuclear Energy in Medicine?

Nuclear material first gained widespread use in a medical context in the 1950s. Nuclear medicine is generally diagnostic rather than therapeutic in nature. In most cases, small amounts of radioacti... Read More »

What percentage of Europe uses nuclear energy?

As of 2007, 29.5 percent of electricity generated in the European Union came from nuclear power plants. This makes nuclear power the most-used source of energy (for the purpose of electricity produ... Read More »

What percentage of the world uses nuclear energy?

As of 2006, nuclear power provided 15 percent of the world's energy consumption, according to Science Daily. Estimates for 2010 suggest that 13 to 14 percent of world energy use comes from nuclear ... Read More »

Uses of Heat From a Nuclear Reaction to Produce Electrical Energy?

Nuclear energy has become a household term. The electricity produced in nuclear power plants serves the same purpose as that from conventional plants, but the process is much more complicated. Thro... Read More »