Peace Week Activities for Adolescents?

Answer Peace Week activities are designed to teach adolescents how to maximize peace in their own lives, in addition to the lives of others in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and communities. The anti... Read More »

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Self Esteem Activities for Adolescents?

As children pass through the potentially complex period known as adolescence, they often lose some of the self-esteem that they possessed during their childhood. It is common during this time perio... Read More »

Effective Communication Activities for Adolescents?

Communication is key to advancement, and it must be done correctly to avoid embarrassment, crudeness and idiocy. Adolescents strive to speak effectively, but they often struggle because of distract... Read More »

Activities for Teaching Phonics to Adolescents?

Phonics is the basis for language, and without understanding phonics adolescents will find it hard to read and write proper English. Phonics is usually taught at a young age, but sometimes students... Read More »

Can you get married with a justice of the peace any day of the week in Arizona?

A man and woman can be married by a justice of the peace any day of the week in the state of Arizona. A marriage license must be obtained before the ceremony can take place, usually during normal b... Read More »