Peace Lily Care Information?

Answer Peace lilies make an ideal office plant, surviving on very little light and purifying the surrounding air better than most other houseplants. Keeping the peace lily warm, watered and out of direct ... Read More »

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Are peace lily plants poisonous?

According to North Carolina State University Extension, the leaves of the peace lily are poisonous. If the leaves are eaten, you may experience a burning sensation of the lips, tongue and throat. T... Read More »

Irish Peace Lily Meaning?

Of the nearly 40 species of flowering plants of the Genus Spathiphyllum, certain varieties are commonly known as "peace lilies," though they are not true lilies at all. Different cultures across th... Read More »

Peace Lily Turning Yellow?

With their bright, calming white color and adaptability to new situations, the peace lily is one of the most widely grown house plants. The lilies adapt well to forgetful owners and adjust to diffe... Read More »

Are peace lily plants poisonous to cats?

Peace lilies, as well as many other types of lilies, are extremely poisonous to cats. Peace lilies contain insoluble calcium oxalates that can cause a wide variety of reactions including mouth irri... Read More »