Question do I convert a file to pdf format?

Answer You can convert most popular file formats into .pdf form online at the Adobe website, the link posted below.…

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How to convert a 'tagged image file format' file into a 'JPG' file?

Most of the answers are off here. Go to this site and get GIMP. Its free. Install it and open your TIF file and re-save it as a jpeg. Simple and easy.

How do I convert mpeg video format to thm file format?

Misconceptions About THMRecognize that THM files are actually thumbnail image files created in most cases to give a visual representation of the content of a video. A common misconception about the... Read More »

How do I convert an flv file format on a Mac?

Convert FLV with FLV2iTunesInstall the freeware application from Kurniadi: FLV2iTunes (see "Resources"). Drag and drop the FLV file to the FLV2iTunes application icon. Change video and audio settin... Read More »

How to Convert an ISO File to AVI Format?

Converting a file from one format to another may seem like something only a computer professional can do. But with the right software packages and little bit of knowhow, you can easily convert your... Read More »