Payroll Agreements?

Answer Payroll agreements, also called payroll processing agreements or payroll services agreements, are agreements made between an employer and a payroll services company. A business hires a payroll comp... Read More »

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JDA Agreements?

A joint development agreement (JDA) between two or more companies is a legal agreement defining terms of a project designed to jointly promote or develop a product or service. The JDA should speci... Read More »

IT Outsourcing Agreements?

Information technology (IT) outsourcing agreements are used by many businesses, in which IT individuals are hired to perform tasks within the business. An IT outsourcing business provides IT indivi... Read More »

How to Make Agreements You Can Keep?

Part of the art of successful living, successful working and successful relating depends on learning how to make good agreements and either keep them or change ones that aren't working. Many relati... Read More »

Standard LLC Agreements?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a type of business structure that is similar to a corporation. Other benefits of having an LLC company are pass-through taxation and management flexibility. The... Read More »