Paypal needs proof of my identity, have probs, need advice RE:?

Answer This is all new to me. I signed up for a paypal account, all they needed was a bank account and debit card. Are you sure this is not a scam

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Paypal needs proof of my identity, have probs, need advice, please RE:?

Be careful with SSN. I have doubts that Paypal has a legal right to demand that - it is a very personal and secure identifier. Anyone steals your SSN, and you have identity theft... I would check o... Read More »

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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an important standardized test used by many colleges and universities to evaluate applications. When taking the test, you must present valid identification ... Read More »

Will someone please help me with my tumblr probs?

it will only have a line down when someone else reblogs it, that is your comment so it will not show it.

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Different manufacturers suggest diferrent means.Carrier uses a wet bulb temp. inside cross refrencing suction line temp. pressure and ambient air temp. outside.This tells you what the suction line... Read More »