Paying for school. HELP! PLEASE?

Answer First thing to do is Fill out your FAFSA (2009-10). Make sure you are enrolled in the school you are planning on attending and include that school's code on your FAFSA. the website to fill this out... Read More »

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Student Loans - should I be paying on them while I'm in school?

If you can afford to pay some on your loans that would be beneficial for you in the long run. However, the unsubsidized loan is the loan that starts accruing interest right away while the subsidize... Read More »

Does paying interest on student loans while in school help credit?

well it depend on what kind of loan you have. anyways you shouldn't have to start paying any interest until after the 6 month grace period at least that is how my loans are. plus remember if you st... Read More »

How long can you be out of school before you must start paying back federal loans?

Typically, you must begin repaying federal Stafford loans six months from the time you graduate, quit school or drop below your school's definition of half-time enrollment. The repayment of Staffor... Read More »

Who do i contact about a student loan i'm paying in which the school closed and i didn't finish?

You would contact the people you are paying. The lender. If the loans are federal loans you can fill out this form and send it in, but if the loans are private loans, then you are out of luck... ... Read More »