Paying back financial aid!?

Answer The school did a "return to title iv refund" (r2t4). When you withdraw from college, a percentage of your aid may be returned to the feds. When that happens, you will owe the college/university. ... Read More »

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Financial Help for Paying Property Taxes?

Every state taxes real property. Most states offer certain classes of property and certain classes of taxpayers tax exemptions or credits to reduce or help pay property tax. Beyond that, property o... Read More »

How do student loans work Once I start paying them back, do I have to pay back consistently?

It seems like everyone who answers on this subject just refer you to a website. Here's my knowledge so far on my son's student loan... He just got accepted for his first fiscal year in school and ... Read More »

Paying Back Student Loans?

Thats not uncommon. I took $10,000 for one semester from a private loan company and owe $160,000. You will never pay it off. Consolidate it, and pay what they say. You will die some day still i... Read More »

Can You Buy a Home by Paying Back Property Taxes?

When you do not pay your property taxes, you risk losing your home to an investor who is willing to pay them for you. If you are an investor, this is potentially one of the most effective ways to p... Read More »