Pay back pell grant money if i drop a class?

Answer When you drop a class that was paid for with a Pell Grant, your school is required to determine what percentage of the Pell funds were "earned".If you attend for more than 60% of the semester, all ... Read More »

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I payed for the semester out of pocket and received a pell grant, do I get my money back?

The pell grant should be given to you if you have no remaining fees on your account. They should give it to you in a check, or via a college card that some schools give out for remaining aid.For ex... Read More »

I need some information on the fafsa grant. I failed a class. Do I have to pay the money back for that class?

If it was a grant, then no, you do not. However, if you GPA drops below a 2.5 or 2.0, your fafsa aid will be greatly diminished! But don't worry about it if it was just one class and you did fine i... Read More »

Will A Pell Grant Pay For A Third Repeated Math Class?

A Pell Grant will not pay for a third repeated math class unless you withdrew from the previous two math classes, or received a D or an F in the previous two classes.References:U.S. Department of E... Read More »

What can Pell Grant money be used for?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the Pell Grant is for undergraduate students who have not yet received a bachelor's degree. Students who demonstrate financial need can use the grant ... Read More »