Pattern Problems & Math?

Answer Pattern problems challenge students to look for patterns in data to determine a result. Patterns, such as items that are repeated, often show up in math. Many math concepts are easier to remember w... Read More »

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How to Solve Math Problems Using a Pattern for the Third Grade?

Third graders understand mathematics using basic concepts of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Word problems can be difficult for children because they do not give precise steps, and requi... Read More »

How to Make a Math Pattern?

Standardized tests often will test your ability to recognize a math pattern, and what better way is there to become attuned to math patterns than to create a few of your own? There are myriad ways ... Read More »

What Are Pattern Blocks for First-Grade Math?

Pattern blocks are flat wooden or plastic blocks in different shapes and colors. A set of pattern blocks has six different shapes: hexagons, squares, trapezoids, triangles, parallelograms and rhomb... Read More »

Math Activities Using Pattern Blocks?

Understanding patterns is an essential component of early math. Using manipulatives such as multi-colored blocks can help illustrate basic patterns. The games outlined in this article are designed ... Read More »