Paternity Rights in Ohio?

Answer Under Ohio family law, in a situation where the parents of a child are divorced, or living in separate dwellings, the mother and father are on equal footing when it comes to custody. In cases invol... Read More »

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Ohio Paternity Law?

Paternity is the establishment of a legal relationship between a father and his child. In Ohio, a paternity action only applies to children born out of wedlock. A child born into or conceived durin... Read More »

Idaho Paternity Rights?

Paternity rights in Idaho guarantee a parent visitation, custody, and support of the child in question so long as the court deems the situation to be healthy and non-toxic for the child. Additional... Read More »

Statutory Paternity Rights?

The United States stands nearly alone among the Western world in granting paternity rights to fathers. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) offers job protection to mothers who have to l... Read More »

About Signing Away Paternity Rights?

Upon hearing that a father can legally sign away his parental rights to a child, many deadbeat dads would start lining up at the courthouse, as if it was that easy. It is true that a father can sig... Read More »