Patchy make up. how can stop it?

Answer First your going to want to wash your face really well, then exfoliate. You should exfoliate twice a week to have a smooth surface to apply make-up. Next use a facial moisturizer(it will act as a... Read More »

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How to Make Patchy Hair Regrow Faster?

Patchy hair loss has many causes, which can include stress, poor hair care or an underlying medical condition. Identifying the cause of patchy hair loss is the first step to regrowing hair. Hair wo... Read More »

How to Fix a Patchy Lawn?

Growing grass when it doesn't want to grow seems like an impossible task and a fight against nature. Weeds, parasitic and insect invasions, beloved pets and poor soil are just a few of the reasons... Read More »

How to Fix a Patchy Paint Job?

Amateur do-it-yourselfers sometimes end up with a patchy finish on a new coat of paint; either the color painted appears in different shades across the wall, or another color seems to be showing un... Read More »

What causes patchy baldness?

Patchy baldness is a form of hair loss with no one cause and can be found in the healthy as well as the sick. It can cause considerable social anxiety, but it is rarely a permanent form of hair los... Read More »