Patch for windows Xp sp2 32 bit?

Answer Absolutely untrue.Only the 64 bit version of XP or Vista can use more than about 3.2 GB of system RAM.And, SP 3 won't allow you to use any more RAM, either.

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Windows Patch Tools?

Microsoft Windows operating system maintenance is a major responsibility of the Windows system administrator. General system updates are provided online through Windows update. On the second Tuesda... Read More »

Can a Windows patch cause problems with Office XP?

Yes. One security patch in particular has been known to disable updating, repair and un-installation of Office. This security patch is also reported to affect the Safe Mode feature of the Office XP... Read More »

What can you do if you have an asparagus patch that is over 25 years old and production is getting low. What can you do to help the growth of my patch?

25 years is a long time and nothing lasts forever. Plow part of it up and plant new. Keep doing that through the years to invigorate the soil. Some of the roots even in the plowed part will come ba... Read More »

Your safe during your patch free week but are you safe the new starting cycle are do you have to wait 7 days to have sex like when you first start the patch?

Answer As long as you've been using the patch regularly, you are safe. It's only the first time that your body needs time to get used to it.