Pastoral Duties in the Middle Ages?

Answer Pastoral care in the Middle Ages is often seen as a low point in church history. In fact, one of the loudest complaints of the Protestant reformers was that pastors were not doing their jobs. The r... Read More »

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What was autism like in the middle ages?

Autism is a modern term and concept and only in the last 15 years or so has been really considered a condition. Medicine in the middle ages was mainly based on superstition and anyone who was autis... Read More »

Did they have ovens in the middle ages?

What were ovens called in the middle ages?

How to Do Stage Make-up for the Middle Ages?

Makeup trends in the Middle Ages followed Greco-Roman trends: Once again, the wealthy wanted to show off their affluence by appearing pale, and women used white powders to make themselves paler. In... Read More »