Pasteurized milk or Raw milk?

Answer Pasteurized milk is usually homogenized as well (pressurized to break down somatic cells) Skimmed to remove cream and vitamin D is added. Raw milk in a lot higher in milkfat, which makes it bad for... Read More »

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Is soy milk pasteurized?

Soy milk is not pasteurized; it is made by grinding soybeans, removing the okara fibers and adding vitamins, minerals and sugar. Calcium is one of the minerals that is added to soy milk.Source:Ecol... Read More »

Why Is Pasteurized Milk Bad for You?

Two types of people typically make claims that pasteurized milk is unhealthy or bad for human consumption: those opposed to milk entirely, and those who are advocates of raw, unpasteurized milk. Th... Read More »

How long can non pasteurized milk be kept?

Pasteurization involves heating milk in order to kill bacteria, which in turn increases the shelf life of milk. A study conducted by Livestock Research for Rural Development found that non-pasteuri... Read More »

Can a baby possum be fed pasteurized milk?

You should not feed your baby opossum pasteurized or even whole milk. Opossums like fresh vegetables. You can even feed it thawed-out frozen vegetables. Opossums also do not do well with commercial... Read More »