Passing down vegetarianism to further generations and evolution of the species?

Answer Interesting.Evolution and adaptation to one's diet and environment occur over hundreds and even thousands of years, with very small changes happening, one after another. The cradle of mankind is in... Read More »

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What scientist wrote the book"Origin of Species"about evolution?

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) introduced the concept of natural selection in the book “Origin of Species.” The British naturalist explained that organisms evolve in groups and organisms that are a... Read More »

Your baby's head has been 35 in relation to brim for 3 weeks now will it be much longer and how long befor he moves further down?

Answer Every baby is different. I had three of them and when they are ready you will know.

A 18% gratuity was added on a bill at a restaurant. Do the servers expect further a further gratuity?

As I server, I never expect anything more than the gratuity that's been added to the bill for large parties, but a lot of times people will leave a little bit extra if they thought the service was ... Read More »

How many animal species became endangered or extinct because of cutting down the rainforests?

Rainforests contain more than half of the terrestrial species on the Earth, but these forests are being destroyed by human activity at the rate of approximately 100 acres or 2,000 trees per minute.... Read More »