Party tomorrow, I need to get some beer, which do you think I should get?

Answer i buy pabst blue ribbon, its cheep and beter than bud in my opinion, only cheep beer i can stand to drink

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I want to go to a party that is tomorrow, should i or should i not go?

you should. they made away you could go, so they care. I bet you will have fun and be able to get away from your situation for a while

How to Party Like There Is No Tomorrow on Club Penguin?

Are you bored? Club penguin is a little boring? Throw a party!

Been invited to a hot tub party tomorrow but i came on today?

stick one up there and go have fun hunny!

I am having a sweet sixteen pool party tomorrow and I am freaking out!?

Music!! Lots of it. Don't worry, take a deep breath. You'll have as much fun as you knew you would when you planned this.Once people start swimming and talking and getting comfortable it'll be a ... Read More »