Party-planning location in Indianapolis?

Answer ApplebeesChilesMacaroni Grillbring plenty of cash thoughas all those types of restaurants charge a lot for drinks.-

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Party planning, need help!?

Finger foods are always fun, because you and your guests will have lots of choice, and everyone can eat as much or as little as they want. Also, they can be ate with the fingers and not many dishe... Read More »

Party Planning?

Hey!I'm planning a party too and this site saved my life! You can plan EVERYTHING on there, and you can even send invitations! so click on this link and start planning! Read More »

Planning a BBQ/pool party?

It all depends on the order of the events. If you do the BBQ first, then you could eat, and then take turns driving. Or if you go to the pool first, you will already be wet so you could walk. Hope ... Read More »

I'm planning a panty party?

Stromboli.Nothing phallic about that.…See? Just don't inhale the stromboli, or the party is going to become indecent very quickly, dear lady ;)