Parts of the Respiratory System for Kids?

Answer Repeating grammar and math drills drew us into a trance in grade school. Our mind-numbing little singsong voices repeating multiplication tables and parts of speech still haunt those old classrooms... Read More »

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Respiratory System Activity for Kids?

Teaching children about the respiratory system can be more effective by using active lessons or projects. Prior to the projects, inform students about how the respiratory system is responsible for ... Read More »

How to Make a Respiratory System Project for Kids?

The respiratory system gathers and provides oxygen to the body through the mouth, lungs and blood vessels. The lungs do not contain muscles to facilitate contractions; instead, the human body is eq... Read More »

Is the ear nose throat system considered part of the upper respiratory system?

Answer Yes they are. They are all connected by pesky tubes that can clog up at a moments notice and an infection in one can often end up as an infection in the other.

How does the respiratory system interact with the muscular system?

The respiratory system needs the muscular system in order to function properly. As certain muscles contract and relax, the pressure within the chest cavity changes. This allows air to flow into and... Read More »