Parts of the Circle for Fifth Grade Math?

Answer Circles are everywhere, from the tires on cars to the pans on the stovetop and the pie plates in the oven. Children are taught early on to identify circles, but it is not until later that they are ... Read More »

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Grade Eight Math Problems for Finding the Area of a Circle?

The area of a circle equals the number of square units inside the circle. The area can be found using geometry if the circle's diameter or radius is known. The diameter is the distance across the c... Read More »

How to Add Whole Parts to Math Activities in the 1st Grade?

The concept of whole versus part is a vital one for children to learn in the first grade, since much of the later more advanced math they will encounter will involve this concept. While the textboo... Read More »

How to Create Fractional Parts in Fourth Grade Math?

Fractions is an area of mathematics related to number sense. In fourth grade, students should be able to create a pictorial representation of fractions using the denominator to determine the number... Read More »

How to Find a Math Tutor for Sixth-Grade Math Near North Hollywood, California?

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