Parts of the Brain Involved in Dreaming?

Answer Dreams occur mostly in rapid eye movement (REM) cycles, but they can happen in other sleep phases as well. There are various theories about the purpose of dreaming, but no one knows for sure why hu... Read More »

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What lobe of the brain is involved with dyslexia?

People who have dyslexia have an inability to read normally. According to Dr. Patrick McCaffrey of the California State University at Chico, dyslexia centers in a malfunction of the "angular gyrus,... Read More »

How To Memorize Parts of The Brain?

You're supposed to know all of the parts of the brain, but memorizing the parts of the brain can be complicated. Fortunately, memorizing the parts of the brain can be accomplished by studying the f... Read More »

Parts of a Cat's Brain?

Like humans, and any other mammal, cats have brains that help them think and assess things in their day-to-day lives. Although not exactly like a human's, cats' brains do have a lot of the same par... Read More »

Central & Peripheral Parts of the Brain?

The brain is the body's most complex organ. The central part can be referred to as the forebrain, which is composed of the cerebrum or cortex. The peripheral parts of the brain are the hindbrain, w... Read More »