Parts of an Autotrophic Cell?

Answer Autotrophic cells, such as plant cells, are capable of producing their own energy with sunlight and carbon dioxide. As such, autotrophic cells have all the cell parts typical of heterotrophic cells... Read More »

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How Would You Do the Parts of a Cell in 3D?

Cell models are a standard biology assignment. At one point or another in every student's career, cell biology brings about the dreaded three dimensional cell project. However, simple craft materia... Read More »

Are plants autotrophic or hetrotrophic?

What Parts of a Cell Are Found in the Cytoplasm?

Two types of cells exist: prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Bacteria consist of prokaryotic cells, while animals, plants, fungi and protists are comprised of more complex eukaryotic cells. The organic fl... Read More »

Kids Science: Parts of a Cell & Photosynthesis?

Human beings, plants and all other living creatures are made up cells. Each microscopic cell has tiny parts within it, called organelles. These organelles work as a team to operate the cell, using ... Read More »