Parts of a Disc Brake?

Answer By learning the parts and functions of an automatic braking system, car owners are better prepared to deal with brake problems. Gaining a better understanding of brake functions also helps the owne... Read More »

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How to Change Brake Pads and Rotors on a general GM Disc Brake System?

This is a general description of the procedure involved in changing pads and rotors on a GM vehicle. First park the vehicle on a level surface, lift and support the car safely.

How to Convert a Ford Truck Drum Brake to a Disc Brake?

Ford truck owners convert their drum brakes to disc brakes because of the benefits to their brake system and vehicle. Disc brakes perform better in extreme weather conditions, dissipate heat more e... Read More »

How to Repair an Emergency Brake on a Disc Brake?

The parking brake is an important component of the vehicle even though many people don't utilize them. The parking brake, or hand brake, can prevent the car from rolling while in "Park," and can be... Read More »

Drum Brake to Disc Brake Conversion?

Converting an automobile from drum to disc brakes offers the driver many advantages. Disc brakes offer greater stopping power and are less susceptible to problems because of weather and water. Also... Read More »