Parts of a Composite Flower?

Answer Composite flowers may appear to be one big flower, but in reality they are a cluster of several small flowers. Sunflowers are composites, as are dandelions and chrysanthemums. Composite flowers ha... Read More »

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Parts of a Flower: Anther?

The anther is part of a sophisticated reproduction system in angiosperms or common flowering plants. The common flower is generally an hermaphrodite and contains both male and female parts. The ant... Read More »

What happens to the flower parts after fertilisation?

Parts of a Flower for the First Grade?

Elementary students love science. Teaching the parts of the flower can be fun and educational at the same time. Whenever teaching any new concept, you should always begin by finding out what the st... Read More »

Parts of the Petunia Flower?

Being easy to grow, petunias have found favor among home gardeners. Enthusiasm for the flower has inspired a lot of breeding, with the result that many variations on the basic petunia are available... Read More »