Parts of a Composite Flower?

Answer Composite flowers may appear to be one big flower, but in reality they are a cluster of several small flowers. Sunflowers are composites, as are dandelions and chrysanthemums. Composite flowers ha... Read More »

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Parts of the Petunia Flower?

Being easy to grow, petunias have found favor among home gardeners. Enthusiasm for the flower has inspired a lot of breeding, with the result that many variations on the basic petunia are available... Read More »

Parts of a Flower: Anther?

The anther is part of a sophisticated reproduction system in angiosperms or common flowering plants. The common flower is generally an hermaphrodite and contains both male and female parts. The ant... Read More »

Parts of a Pomegranate Flower?

The pomegranate has long been celebrated for its fruit, easily recognizable by its leathery red outer hull and interior clusters of pulpy, garnet-colored seeds. However, the orange-red flowers of t... Read More »

All mail parts of a flower?

I suppose you could, just be sure to mark the envelope/package 'Perishable' and to use the correct postage.