Parts of a Common Grass Plant?

Answer Although they might appear simple in a lawn, grass plants actually have many complex parts. A variety of grass plants exist, including bluegrass, crab grass, signal grass, ryegrass, buffalo grass a... Read More »

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Different Parts Between a Papaya Plant & a Lily Plant?

Papayas are tropical plants that can grow into trees. They are cultivated for their fruit, and rarely are their flowers used for decorative purposes. Lilies, in contrast, are mainly used for decora... Read More »

What is the common name for nut grass?

The common names for the two most notable strains of nut grass are yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge, according to the University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. The ... Read More »

Common Grass Weeds in Central Florida?

Weeds are typically defined as being unwanted plants or plants growing in an undesired location. There are several grass weeds common to the central region of Florida that can be identified by spec... Read More »

What is the most common type of grass seed in Ontario?

The most popular grass used in Ontario is Kentucky bluegrass. It is inexpensive, but does not do well in drought conditions. Kentucky bluegrass seed is often mixed with fescue seed because of fescu... Read More »