Parts of a Castle for Kids?

Answer Castles, dragons and knights are the object of many children's fantasies and also sometimes studied within elementary school classrooms. Teachers often instruct their students on the parts of a cas... Read More »

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Kids' Castle Games?

Children all over the world have long been fascinated with castles, the medieval fortresses that dot the European countryside. Whether your child longs to build his own castle, defend it from invad... Read More »

How to Draw a Castle for Kids?

Children love imaginative play. Pretending to be fairy princesses, knights and dragons are just some of the ways kids can be creative. If you want to add to their creativity by giving them a castle... Read More »

Dragons & Castle Crafts for Kids?

Kids' imaginations are bursting, and they love to set them free. When delving into imaginary worlds, it's common to come across castles and dragons. Crafts are an excellent way to harness imaginati... Read More »

What is the name of a kids TV show from the 90s that was set in a castle and had talking gargoyles and an animated cat and dragon?