Parts of a Buckle?

Answer Properly speaking, a buckle is a device for joining two straps. Very similar mechanisms that affix one object (other than a strap) to another are called clasps. There are a wide variety of buckles ... Read More »

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Buckle up, Its the law?

Your very right....It's actually kinda of funny not funny in a ha ha way but in your face kind of fun ...well more like a itch slap because a lot of things are said and not done and a lot of rules ... Read More »

How to Put a Belt Buckle on?

Belt buckles can make instant fashion statements. You can find different style belt buckles in novelty stores, in specialty stores and at flea markets. Belt buckles modeled to a particular interest... Read More »

How to Buckle a Cinch?

A cinch is a type of buckle attached to the end of a belt or strap. A cinch secures a belt or strap in place, ensuring it won't move or come undone. Pull the belt or strap tightly around your wais... Read More »

How to Buckle Up a Small Child?

When it comes to keeping your child safe while traveling in a car, nothing matters more than safely buckling him or her. Every state has its own opinion on when a child needs to be in a child car s... Read More »