Parts of a Brake?

Answer Brakes serve a vital safety function in an automobile. A brake is comprised of several separate components, all of which work together using hydraulic pressure to help you stop your vehicle. While ... Read More »

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Parts of a Disc Brake?

By learning the parts and functions of an automatic braking system, car owners are better prepared to deal with brake problems. Gaining a better understanding of brake functions also helps the owne... Read More »

A List of the Brake Parts on a Car?

One of the most important function of a car is the braking mechanism. A faulty braking system can result in an incredibly dangerous situation if a driver needs to stop a car immediately. This is wh... Read More »

Parts of an Aircraft Brake?

Airplane brakes are very similar to car brakes, though obviously on a larger and more complex scale. There are different types of brakes for different airplanes, but the basic parts are the followi... Read More »

About Emergency Brake Parts?

All emergency-brake systems work much in the same way. They are mechanical, as opposed to electrical or hydraulic. Very few parts are involved, as the driver manually sets the emergency brake via a... Read More »